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Los ritmos biológicos

Acerca del desajuste evolutivo

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  Los ritmos circadianos

 Generation of circadian rhythms in the suprachiasmatic nucleus
 Circadian disruption and human health

  Los Zeitgeber. Los estímulos externos.

 Neurobiology of circadian systems
 Light and chronobiology: implications for health and disease
 Blue light from light-emitting diodes elicits a dose-dependent suppression of melatonin in humans
 Red light and the sleep quality and endurance performance of Chinese female basketball players
 Food as a circadian time cue - evidence from human studies
 Social zeitgebers and biological rhythms. A unified approach to understanding the etiology of depression
 Exercise time cues (zeitgebers) for human circadian systems can foster health and improve performance: a systematic review

  Un rasgo evolutivo. Paridad entre luz y oscuridad.

 Light Input to the Mammalian Circadian Clock

  Nuestras células son circadianas

 Genetics of Circadian Rhythms
 A positive feedback loop links circadian clock factor CLOCK-BMAL1 to the basic transcriptional machinery

  Nuestros órganos son circadianos

 The circadian clock influences heart performance
 Circadian rhythms of liver physiology and disease: experimental and clinical evidence
 Circadian rhythms and the kidney
 Circadian Rhythms and the Gastrointestinal Tract: Relationship to Metabolism and Gut Hormones

  La melatonina es circadiana

 Melatonin and circadian rhythms
 Melatonin, Circadian Rhythms, and Sleep
 Antioxidant properties of melatonin and its potential action in diseases

  La hormona castigada

 Role of melatonin in the regulation of human circadian rhythms and sleep

  Las bondades de la melatonina

  Melatonin as a Potent and Inducible Endogenous Antioxidant: Synthesis and Metabolism
 Melatonin as a natural ally against oxidative stress: a physicochemical examination
 High membrane permeability for melatonin
 Distribution of melatonin in mammalian tissues: the relative importance of nuclear versus cytosolic localization
 Melatonin: A Versatile Protector against Oxidative DNA Damage
 Melatonin: A smart molecule in the DNA repair system
 Shift Work and Breast Cancer
 Risk of breast cancer in female flight attendants: a population-based study (Iceland)
  The incidence of breast cancer among female flight attendants: an updated meta-analysis
 Breast Cancer Rate and Mortality in Female Flight Attendants: A Systematic Review and Pooled Analysis
 Light at night and risk of breast cancer: a systematic review and dose-response meta-analysis
 Exposure to artificial light at night and risk of cancer: where do we go from here?
 Artificial Light at Night and Cancer: Global Study
 Melatonin: A pleiotropic molecule that modulates DNA damage response and repair pathways