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La microbiota

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 Acquisition of microbiota according to the type of birth: an integrative review

  ¿Qué es la microbiota?

 Introduction to the human gut microbiota
 The ancestral and industrialized gut microbiota and implications for human health

  Un trato que no cumplimos

 The Influence of the Western Diet on Microbiota and Gastrointestinal Immunity
 Mechanisms and consequences of intestinal dysbiosis
 Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome

  Grupos funcionales

 Menaquinone biosyntheses in microorganisms
 Systematic genome assessment of B-vitamin biosynthesis suggests co-operation among gut microbes
  Butyrate generated by gut microbiota and its therapeutic role in metabolic syndrome
 The role of gut microbiota in immune homeostasis and autoimmunity

  ¿Qué es la disbiosis?

 Gut microbes and health
 Western diets, gut dysbiosis, and metabolic diseases: Are they linked?
 Geography, Ethnicity or Subsistence-Specific Variations in Human Microbiome Composition and Diversity

  Resiliencia y adaptabilidad de la microbiota

 Gut Microbiota Resilience: Definition, Link to Health and Strategies for Intervention
 Gut microbiome stability and resilience: elucidating the response to perturbations in order to modulate gut health

  Tranquilizando a nuestro Sistema Inmunitario

 Interaction between microbiota and immunity in health and disease
 Gut Microbiota and Immune System Interactions
 The increasing prevalence of autoimmunity and autoimmune diseases: an urgent call to action for improved understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
 Gut microbiome and autoimmune disorders
 The gut flora as a forgotten organ

  Otras consideraciones acerca de los probióticos

 Gastric acid secretion
 Measurement of gastric pH in ambulatory esophageal pH monitoring


 Current explorations of nutrition and the gut microbiome: a comprehensive evaluation of the review literature
 Microbiota and Lifestyle: A Special Focus on Diet

  La microbiota de la piel

 Histology, Skin
 The Association of the Skin Microbiota With Health, Immunity, and Disease
 Facial Skin Microbiota-Mediated Host Response to Pollution Stress Revealed by Microbiome Networks of Individual
 Skin Microbiota and the Cosmetic Industry

  Dejar de dañar la microbiota de la piel

 Effects of cosmetics on the skin microbiome of facial cheeks with different hydration levels

  Recuperando la microbiota de la piel

 Skin Microbiome and its Interplay with the Environment
  Alterations of the human skin microbiome after ocean water exposure