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La luz del sol

Acerca del desajuste evolutivo

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  Evolución de los seres vivos

 Photosynthesis of vitamin D in the skin: effect of environmental and life-style variables

  Principales órganos que reaccionan al sol

 Blue light from light-emitting diodes elicits a dose-dependent suppression of melatonin in humans

  Los Ojos

 The Evolution of Opsins
 Retinal Ganglion Cells-Diversity of Cell Types and Clinical Relevance
 Melanopsin expressing human retinal ganglion cells: Subtypes, distribution, and intraretinal connectivity

  El Núcleo Supraquiasmático

 The suprachiasmatic nucleus
 Neuroanatomy, Nucleus Suprachiasmatic
 Melanopsin: an exciting photopigment

  La Piel

 OPN4 belongs to the photosensitive system of the human skin

  La glándula pineal

 Melatonin: the chemical expression of darkness
 Melatonin and circadian rhythm

  La luz no sólo la vemos

 Emerging role of vitamin D in autoimmune diseases: An update on evidence and therapeutic implications
 Vitamin D and autoimmune disease

  Con el sol producimos vitamina D

 Vitamin D production after UVB: aspects of UV-related and personal factors

  Con el sol producimos serotonina

 The cutaneous serotoninergic/melatoninergic system: securing a place under the sun
 Sunshine, Serotonin, and Skin: A Partial Explanation for Seasonal Patterns in Psychopathology?
 Influence of Tryptophan and Serotonin on Mood and Cognition with a Possible Role of the Gut-Brain Axis
 What has serotonin to do with depression?
 Seasonal Affective Disorder: An Overview of Assessment and Treatment Approaches
 Seasonal affective disorder. A description of the syndrome and preliminary findings with light therapy
 Seasonal difference in brain serotonin transporter binding predicts symptom severity in patients with seasonal affective disorder
  Impact of UVA exposure on psychological parameters and circulating serotonin and melatonin

  La luz inhibe la síntesis de melatonina

 Effects of light on melatonin production
 The basic physiology and pathophysiology of melatonin
 Inhibition of melatonin secretion onset by low levels of illumination

  El sol y nuestro reloj biológico

 Action Spectrum for Melatonin Regulation in Humans: Evidence for a Novel Circadian Photoreceptor
 Red Light and the Sleep Quality and Endurance Performance of Chinese Female Basketball Players
  Light and the human circadian clock

  El sol como Zeitgeber

 Light and the human circadian clock
 Zeitgebers and their association with rest-activity patterns
 Seasonal variation in the human circadian rhythm: dissociation between sleep and temperature rhythm
 Phototransduction by retinal ganglion cells that set the circadian clock
  Peripheral clocks: keeping up with the master clock
 Social jetlag: misalignment of biological and social time
 Social Jetlag and Related Risks for Human Health: A Timely Review
 Circadian disruption: What do we actually mean?